Sandra and Hori celebrated their beautiful wedding in Prados RiverosNatural, desert or exotic places are the ideal ones to celebrate a boho wedding and, without a doubt, this one is, since it is located inside the Guadarrama National Park, in a unique environment for celebrations in the middle of nature. For us, to record a wedding video in Prados Riveros is a luxury, because it is a beautiful and quiet space, because we are surrounded by animals and forests, because the light of this place is pure magic... In short, to work as wedding videographers in Madrid and to be able to go to estates like this one we love.

The perfect couple to make a wedding video in Prados Riveros

Sandra and Hori are wedding photographers and, thanks to one of their best friends, who are wedding videographers in Madrid, we met! When they contacted us, the first thing we told them was that our first wedding was there and that we had always wanted to shoot a wedding video in Prados Riveros again. And, it's true, we had a beautiful memory that certainly didn't disappoint at all when we went there again.

As wedding videographers from Spain and Europe, we love to travel to do weddings anywhere and, besides, one of the things we like the most is that arriving the day before, is an excellent opportunity to make a pre-wedding video with the bride and groom, meet in person, have some fun together and create some beautiful images to complement the wedding video. As Sandra and Hori are wedding photographers, they know this, and from the beginning they were clear that they wanted to do the pre-wedding to incorporate into their wedding video.

So our first reunion with the bride and groom was the day before the wedding in Prados Riveros, where we walked the road to the country house several times, made them dance, jump, kiss and even lie down on a sofa that we placed in the middle of the forest. We had all the perfect ingredients to create a boho folk wedding video.

Boho folk weddings or boho chic weddings are becoming more and more popular and, as wedding videographers, we are big fans. Whether you are celebrating a wedding in Galicia, in the middle of the Galician forest or in a pazo; or a wedding in Catalonia, in the surroundings of an old farmhouse, the aesthetics are spectacular in the wedding video.

A forest, a natural decoration and a bohemian bride and groom, essential ingredients for a boho folk wedding

The day of the wedding we arrived at the farm soon because, as usual in wedding videos, we always started making some resource shots of the environment, the decoration and, of course, the details of the bride and groom. The decoration of this boho wedding in the middle of the forest was beautiful, very colorful and handmade: wooden tables, vintage elements, handmade ornaments, lots of flowers, ethnic rugs, logs on the floor, candles and candleholders... In addition, all these elements combine perfectly with a wedding in Prados Riveros, since you get a natural look that matches very well with the style of this farm.

As it could not be otherwise, the bride and groom's clothes were also perfectly chosen to go in line with the boho folk wedding aesthetics. The bride wore a dress from the Brea atelier, a crown of flowers, velvet shoes from the Just ENE brand and a wild bouquet, made by the florist Eva Canencia from Madrid. The groom wore a green Tom Black suit, a vest and a bow tie.

The civil ceremony in the forest was simple, natural, very informal with a hippie touch, in perfect harmony with the environment and the slow wedding philosophy, so popular in recent years. The vows were read by the bride and groom and after the "I do", the big exit of the ceremony where the bride and groom, accompanied by their two dogs, jumped for joy while the guests threw confetti and colorful flowers at them.

The cocktail was super fun and relaxed, where the most folky side of the wedding came out, the guests started dancing and singing folk songs. It was hard to imagine that we were actually celebrating a wedding in Madrid, in the middle of so much nature.

It's a dream to be a wedding videographer in Madrid but to be doing a boho wedding in the middle of a forest

Nature also had an aesthetic continuity in the dinner, where the decoration also played a very important role since it had to be in tune with the woods where it was located, thus creating a magical atmosphere that was essential to capture to reflect very well how a wedding video in Prados Riveros is.

And the party, inaugurated by a romantic dance of the bride and groom and followed by a mechanical bull, something that is becoming more and more popular and we are seeing more and more weddings in the open air, especially weddings in Madrid.

In our opinion, this wedding is a dream for any wedding videographer in Madrid, since more than a wedding it looks like an editorial, in which you choose the coolest elements to create the perfect boho wedding.

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