Deborah and Dani celebrated their spectacular boho wedding on the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. The couple chose the Don Leandro estate because of its impressive location, an open space surrounded by forest and less than an hour from the El Teide national park. Without a doubt a perfect place to celebrate a boho wedding in Tenerife and, for us, an exceptional place to work for the first time as wedding videographers in the Canary Islands.

Deborah and Dani are wedding photographers and videographers in the Canary Islands. When they called us to tell us that they had chosen us to make their boho wedding video we were thrilled 🙂 It's not the first time we do the wedding video of colleagues in the industry and we love it, especially because when it is like this the bride and groom will do anything to have a perfect wedding video. This was no exception. So we packed our bags and flew to Tenerife to make what we knew would be a super wedding in the Canary Islands.

An outdoor boho wedding is better with teepees

What we like most about Boho weddings is the informal and non-traditional spirit that characterizes them, plus, of course, the beautiful Boho decoration: Bohemian and vintage pieces, lots of color and prints, wild flowers, wooden tables, lots of cushions... and the famous teepees!

Teepees in Boho weddings have become popular in recent years and we really like the aesthetics that they bring to weddings of this style. In the case of this wedding in the Canary Islands it was DbodascomThe wedding planner from Tenerife, who was in charge of the spectacular decoration and organization of this wedding in the Canary Islands.

For this boho wedding three teepees were installed to mark the different spaces of the wedding. Around the central teepee the ceremony took place. The distribution of the guests taking advantage of the circular shape of the teepee was very cool since Deborah and Dani were totally "surrounded" by their friends and family. And, as you may have seen, this looked beautiful in their video of their wedding in the Canary Islands.

And not only was the decoration in tune with the wedding but also the bride who was the perfect boho bride, with a headdress by Martina Dorta for the ceremony and another by Verbena Madrid for the party, a dress by Marco and Maria, and a beautiful bouquet by Dbodascom.

A wedding in the Canary Islands perfect to make a different wedding video

Besides, in this boho wedding everything was planned from the bride and groom's point of view, who are wedding photographers and videographers. As Deborah and Dani told us on the phone at the time "we want to do the wedding that as wedding videographers in the Canary Islands we would always have wanted to record".

From opening the wedding with a great cocktail and dance with live music by Della Du, to leaving the ceremony for the evening, not having a traditional "banquet", but a great buffet where everyone sat wherever they wanted, and ending the night with a super party with La Maldita, in charge of live music.

This type of wedding is the one we like the most, informal weddings, non-traditional weddings, different and original weddings, where the bride and groom skip all the rules and take care of the aesthetics as much as possible so that they have the best wedding video possible. In other words, for us it was the best wedding in the Canary Islands that we could have done.

But there are actually many wonderful places to want to shoot a wedding video in the Canary Islands, including Los Jardines de Franchy or Finca Zamora on the island of Tenerife or Bodegas Stratvs in Lanzarote.

A wedding with wedding photographers and videographers in the Canary Islands as guests

Meeting wedding photographers like Juanlu Rojano to work on this wedding in the Canary Islands was a luxury, moreover, not only him but many of the wedding guests were wedding photographers and videographers from the Canary Islands, among them were big names like Pablo Béglez, Edu Lopez or Yeray Cruz.

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