Good weather, gastronomy, beautiful beaches... These are just some of the many attractions that Spain has as a destination country for weddings. Being chosen by couples coming from all over the world, this has allowed us to make wedding videos from different cultures and religions, like this destination Jewish wedding in Spain. It is a real privilege to be able to film in different places of the Mediterranean, from Barcelona to Valencia or Andalusia, the rituals of a Jewish wedding, the lowering of the veil of the kalá to the stepping of the glass by the khattan. Yes, after so many weddings, we are already expert videographers of Jewish weddings.

The destination Jewish wedding of Garnet and Sam took place on our beloved island of Mallorca. The chosen location, the impressive castle of BendinatBuilt in the 19th century, it follows the neo-Gothic architectural style of the castles of ancient Prussia and Austria. The majestic architecture of the castle and the gigantic gardens that surround it make it an ideal setting for elegant and luxury weddings in Mallorca. It is a place full of magic and glamour, perfect for dressing up black tie, just like Garnet and Sam. A fancy Jewish wedding in an old Mediterranean castle? Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

The day started with the groom and his ushers arriving at Bendinat Castle already dressed. There, they all gathered in the Imperial Hall to celebrate the traditional Jewish Tisch, in which the men share a festive moment together before the ceremony. Sitting around a table, the groom, the Ravinos and close family and friends toast, sing, clap and dance. The most important moment comes with the groom's acceptance of the marriage contract, the ketubah, with the rest of the people as witnesses.

It is a real privilege to be able to access such an intimate and traditional moment as a wedding videographer. It may be a Jewish wedding in Spain, but there you feel as if you were in Jerusalem itself.

For her part, the bride dressed in a room in the castle, just like a princess would do at a fairytale wedding. Yes, one more of the priceless experiences offered by the Castle of Bendinat, an incredible place to get married in the Balearic Islands. There, Garnet wore her spectacular Galia Lahav dress. Bare-backed, long-sleeved and with a beautiful set of glosses and transparencies. It fit her like a glove. One of those brides who shine inside and out. Who smile all the time and live in the moment. Definitely a real princess for this elegant destination wedding in Southern Europe.

The ceremony was to be held in the beautiful garden with lake of Bendinat Castle. It is one of the advantages of the island, that the good weather almost always allows to have an outdoor ceremony, offering that perfect experience of getting married in the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, one more reason to celebrate a Jewish wedding in Spain.

There, Alago Events had prepared a spectacular staging presided over by a beautiful jupa It is an elegant and glamorous decoration that fits perfectly for a luxurious Jewish wedding like this one, which is why it is one of the best wedding planners in Mallorca and the Mediterranean.

And, in such a spectacular setting, Garnet made his entrance on his father's arm. While Sam watched her arrive from the jupa, he could hardly contain his emotion. He received her on the bridge of the lake, which was beautifully decorated with flowers and down. My God, the encounter could not have been more romantic. Once in the jupa, the traditional badeken or lowering of the veil by the groom took place. kalá he made the traditional seven turns around the chata and started the ceremony led by the rabbi.

The marriage contract was read or ketubá and the bride and groom drank wine as part of the blessings of the engagement, in what is known as the KidushinAnd, as is the tradition at all Jewish weddings, the ceremony ended with the cry of "Mazel Tov!" while the groom broke the glass with a stomp.

After congratulations and a pleasant open-air cocktail, the most characteristic moment of Jewish weddings arrived, the Seudah. Accompanied by a spectacular live music group, the bride and groom and their guests performed the traditional dances completely dedicated. They jumped, spun in circles and flew through the air on a chair while everyone sang the Hava Naguila.  It could not fail: Jews love to celebrate a good party on their wedding day and Spain is known as the country of the party, so Jewish destination weddings in Spain are a perfect combination.

And if you don't believe it, ask the bride and groom who didn't stop dancing the rest of the day, until late at night, when they all moved to the interior halls of Bendinat Castle, where a DJ from England turned the dance floor upside down to dance music. 

We are passionate about filming Jewish weddings in Mallorca and Spain, but we also love being able to travel as destination wedding videographers to other places in the world. Whether it's to make videos of Jewish weddings in the Mediterranean, in the United States, in Australia... Or, why not? In Israel itself. You call us, we get on a plane with our cameras.

And, if you're looking forward to another Jewish wedding in Spain, keep an eye on the one in Tamrah and Tarik in the beautiful estate of Son Berga.



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