Charlie and Dan's wedding was not just a simple gay wedding, as you will have seen in their wedding film, it was a real show celebrated in the midst of the tranquillity and serenity of an estate in Campos, in the interior of Mallorca.

Charlie and Dan are English and we didn't meet them or put a face on them until the day of the wedding, this happens to us with some of our foreign couples who come to Mallorca to get married, as many times there is no chance of seeing each other before that day, so we hadn't seen a single picture of them, so we arrived at the finca in the morning, got out of the car and started seeing a lot of guys, all super handsome and super muscular, it was impossible to guess who they were! We asked where they were and went into the beautiful house, where we couldn't stop capturing details, everything was beautiful! The posesión still has the traditional part of a Mallorcan house but it has been totally renovated, with a kind of traditional modern decoration that drove us crazy. Charlie and Dan were starting to get dressed up, we saw them and, bam! we were totally taken by them, you understand perfectly, right?

One of the things that we like most about gay weddings is that they are very casual, they have already broken many taboos so there are no traditional rules, they design the wedding as they really want to enjoy it. One of these non-traditions that freaks us out is that the bride and groom dress together. In the case of Charlie & Dan they even chose their clothes together, they were dressed in the same white suit, with some different element such as the shirt or shoes, but that homogeneity of color and shape gave a symmetry and order that influenced us a lot when framing the shots and that, without a doubt, is something that characterizes their wedding video. Of course it is not something that we see as important or not but of course it was something particular and unique to their wedding. Also all the guests were dressed in white, some with some element of color. Very top!

Besides the clothes, another thing that characterized this wedding was the impressive decoration of Moments. From the secret garden of paper flowers, the beautiful ceremony located in the middle of nowhere with all the different chairs, the three infinite tables of the banquet decorated with moss paths, charlie roses, crasas, hundreds of candles and golden napkin rings... Everything was perfectly chosen and set.

Following the break with tradition, Charlie and Dan welcomed their guests together at a welcome cocktail. Just before the ceremony started it started raining, the attitude of the bride and groom was "let's move on" and the drops reached them as they walked down the aisle on their respective mothers' arms. Just as the ceremony started, the rain stopped. Sometimes life rewards you when you are brave.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and informal, accompanied by the live music of two violins and a cello. At the cocktail party a drag queen showed the guests where they should sit in exchange for kisses. They were already setting the precedent for what was to come next...

For the banquet, an authentic stage was set up where drag queens, muscular guys and a spectacular singer livened up the evening with some impressive performances in the purest Pasha style. An absolute contrast with what is usually a traditional banquet. The artists paraded around the tables, interacting with their audience, who danced on top of the chairs while the town of Campos was transformed into the authentic island of Ibiza, which undoubtedly gave us many moments for the wedding video.

Final party with DJ Des Mitchel and jumps into the pool. A perfect gay wedding that Moments organized and decorated and that we could share with the great photographer Francisco Fonteyne, who signed us for this wedding and with whom it is always a pleasure to work.