One of the wonderful things about Mallorca is that, as the popular destination wedding venue, couples come from all over the world and from different cultures to get married on the island. From Jewish to Persian, Catholic to Protestant weddings. Every week in summer, dozens of international celebrations take place. And this was the case with Anthea and Salva's wedding: a Hindu wedding on Mallorca.

Getting married in one of the best fincas in Mallorca

Fangar, an old 18th century Mallorcan rural property located in Campanet, was the setting for this celebration, a celebration where the traditions of India merged perfectly with Mallorcan culture. A dream come true for wedding videographers in Spain like us, because we are fascinated by the stories of love, the mixture of cultures and the colour of Indian weddings, and, as if that were not enough, by one of the most beautiful wedding estates in Mallorca.

The love story of Anthea and Salva has its origin in Qatar, where the love between this boy from Mallorca and this girl from India arose. Who would have thought that when they went abroad for work, they would also end up finding the love of their life. And she did not only fall in love with a Mallorcan, but also with the whole island while he was showing her his culture and roots. A few years later, they had a clear idea of where their wedding should take place. Hers was to be a marriage between two people and two cultures, an Indian wedding in Mallorca.

The preparations of an Indian bride

Thus, while Salva opted for a suit of jacket, as is customary at weddings in Spain, Anthea dressed in a traditional Indian costume and decorated her hands with henna and his forehead with a Maan TikkaWhat a wonderful contrast between Western and Eastern culture, right from the preparations. We love filming this ritual, which is the bride and groom getting dressed, and even more so when it's an Indian bride, because it's a visual spectacle in itself. Anthea, surrounded by a lot of women, carrying out the complicated operation of putting on her dress and putting on all those beautiful and delicate ornaments. And all of this, while the nerves are increasingly on edge. Emotion and tension, typical of a Bollywood scene. Only this time the wedding is not in Bombay, but in Mallorca.

The bride made her entrance under the traditional phoolon ki chadarA structure decorated with flowers and carried by four men of his family while they walk with her to the altar. Without a doubt, another element of those who make Indian weddings super visual and, this time, being in Mallorca, also something very exotic. So much so that the guests could not stop taking pictures with their mobiles of this moment.

A destination wedding on the island

The Mallorcan side did not cease to be amazed by the beautiful details typical of an Indian wedding, such as the bride's dress or the hanging strips of flowers that decorated the ceremony, and the Indian side, by the charm of experiencing a rustic and Mediterranean wedding in Mallorca. But, above all, both sides enjoyed being able to finally meet in this destination wedding on the island, and they expressed this throughout the different speeches of the emotional ceremony. To finish, the bride and groom hung a flower necklace around each other's necks, as a wedding symbol, as is the tradition in Indian weddings.

Modern and romantic wedding videos

After the ceremony, we recorded the couple's session in the beautiful rural fields that surround the Fangar farm and with the leafy valley of San Miquel as a backdrop. We also took advantage of a room that had been decorated with adornments from the Hindu culture. Hanging strips of elephants, coloured balls and bells as symbols of luck and protection for the couple. It was great to be able to play with the contrast of more traditional elements, such as these adornments or the bride's own Indian dress, with a more daring and groundbreaking montage. Because our wedding videos are modern and different, always with our romantic and elegant touch.

The banquet took place in the beautiful courtyard of the farm, with its facades faded by centuries of rain and its charming natural stone floor. A rural and charming space, which became even more beautiful with the decoration of Fab Events LabWith olive branches as the central theme, which served to decorate the entire network of hanging lamps as well as the elongated wooden tables, a wedding in the Mediterranean would look great with a decoration of olive branches, don't you think?

Original and different wedding in Mallorca

And with everything dressed up so beautifully, the bride and groom made a super energetic entrance, running between the tables, while holding coloured smoke bombs in their hands. A very modern and hipster touch, which made this Indian wedding in Mallorca even more original and different if possible. Can you make a wedding more cosmopolitan than this one? Without a doubt, weddings in Mallorca never cease to surprise us...

After the lively banquet, the wedding continued for many hours with an outdoor party. And of course, the cultural mix was also present all night long. The guests danced to hits from Western pop music as well as Bollywood musicals. And one thing was clear, both Spanish and Indian people love to dance. One more reason to celebrate an Indian wedding in Mallorca, right?

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