Making the video of this Jewish wedding in Mallorca (Spain) was a real treat, because we love making Jewish wedding films on our island, even more so when they are so spectacular, glamorous and Mediterranean.

Charlotte & Ben, an English couple, chose Son Mir for their destination wedding in Mallorca. This beautiful finca is located near Palma, in the interior of the island. The ceremony was carried out according to the Jewish rite. It was a privilege to capture on video the beautiful traditions of a Jewish wedding (the ceremony under the jupa, the Badeken or the breaking of the glass to the cry of "Mazel tov!"...). In addition, the wedding was held on a perfect sunny day, as is usual in the Balearic Islands.

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After the ceremony, the wedding continued with its traditional Jewish rituals before the banquet, such as dances between men and women or the raising of the bride and groom on chairs, all accompanied by a group that played live music. Among other songs from the Hebrew culture, there were Hava NaguilaAnd, to give it a hipster and modern touch, we used colored fumes during the celebrations. A visual spectacle for some wedding videographers like us. The result is a super visual wedding film, fun, different and cinematographic.

As always, it was a real luxury to work with a wedding planner as top as Mandy Lago from Alago EventsShe and her team took care of every detail, from the spectacular décor of the ceremony to the beautiful tables at the banquet... chicThis is the elegant and luxurious wedding that characterizes the spectacular weddings it organizes in Mallorca. 

In addition to making videos of Jewish weddings in Mallorca, we will soon travel to new destinations such as France, Italy, Greece and Israel, where we will capture the ceremonies of other Jewish couples. If you liked this one, don't miss the wedding of Tamrah & TarikThis was also celebrated in the Jewish tradition in another beautiful finca in Mallorca.