If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding in Lake Como, you have found it! Since this beautiful mountain lake in the region of Lombardy (Italy) stole our hearts, we are always looking for opportunities to go back there and record other weddings as beautiful as this one. Whether in the same villa where Saena and Andrin got married, the Villa Monastero Pax of Leno, or any of the other wonderful luxury villas overlooking the lake. It would be difficult to decide which one we like better, if Villa Balbianello or his little sister, Villa Balbiano, well, not to mention Villa Gastel, Villa Pizzo or Villa Pliniana. Well, if one thing has become clear, it is that we love making videos in this famous destination wedding location in Italy. If you are planning to get married in Southern Europe, don't miss this wedding film and read all about this luxury villa wedding in Lago de Como.

When it comes to lakeside weddings, with Lake Garda's permission, Lake Como has to be the most famous in Europe and one of the most popular for weddings. And as if its beauty wasn't enough, Hollywood has taken it upon itself to make it even more popular. Through films such as Casino Royale o Ocean's Twelve or with stars like George Clooney buying two wonderful summer villas in the village of Laglio.

So it's no wonder that a couple as chic and elegant as Saena and Andrin chose to get married there. Just 250 km from Zurich, where they live, they have this piece of paradise, with panoramic views, sunny weather and, of course, the famous Italian food and wine. The complete Italian wedding experience from a historic villa set on the shores of the lake. Not bad, huh?

Sun and blue skies, very Italian summer, very Mediterranean climate. That's how well the day started for the groom and his boys, gathered at the Casa Brenna Tossato hotel. Around a table, sharing a few shots of whisky and joking with each other from early morning. A great way to release a little adrenaline before going through the nerves and excitement of parading down the aisle. As the hour got closer, they started dressing up in elegant, perfectly fitted tuxedos. Without a doubt, an infallible bet for a wedding in a luxury villa in Lago de Como. It was clear that this wedding was going to have it all: fun and style. Perfect for a Made in Video wedding video and, this time, with a "Made in Italy" touch.

Saena, meanwhile, dressed up with her bridesmaids in Villa Mirabella located in the beautiful village of Griante - Cadenabbia. Overlooking the lake and surrounded by other famous villas such as Villa Carlota, the grand hotel Tremezzo or the grand hotel Cadenabbia, it is an ideal place for a bride's preparations. Mirabella, built in the 19th century, offers the timeless elegance of a luxury villa wedding in Lake Como. That Italian know-how in neoclassical style architecture. Its rooms are also charming, with their pastel tones and vintage furniture. They make you feel as if you were in a scene from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. The bride was dressed in a princess-cut dress, with a voluminous skirt and a heart-shaped décolleté. Very much in keeping with the royal and noble air that Lake Como itself transmits.

Those who wish to celebrate the banquet in a villa, but get married in a church, will find the Anglican Church of the Ascension an ideal place. A perfect complement for a perfect destination wedding in Italy. Located, like the Villa Mirabella, in the village of Cadenabbia, it dates back to 1891 and is a church full of charm, with beautifully ornamented walls and a rose window that stains its interior with light and colour. It has that special Italian charm.

Andrin, who was waiting for her at the altar, could not help but drop tears of emotion when she saw her future bride enter the door. After the ceremony, the guests waited for the bride and groom on the outside stairs to welcome them with a bath of golden confetti, which was one of our favourite church outings. What joy and energy this Swiss-German couple transmitted during their destination wedding in Lake Como.

After the ceremony, it was time to make the most of the wonderful lake that is Como. The guests set sail in a boat to the place of the banquet, the Villa Monastero Pax. On the boat they tasted champagne while enjoying the views that the journey offered. Sailing in front of all that fantastic collection of villas that the lake treasures along its shore is a unique experience. Because of the beauty of these noble and ancient palaces and the whole environment of pre-alpine mountains that surround the lake and serve as a perfect backdrop for these villas. Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Carlotta are places that will amaze any guest and, of course, some wedding videographers like us. Yes to this wedding in luxury villa of Lake Como and to typically Italian weddings.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom left in their own private boat. The boat was made of wood and had a vintage style, as is traditional at local weddings. It gives that elegant and timeless look that you also feel at your photo and video shoot. Hugging in the back seats of the boat, Andrin and Saena looked like they were taken from Hollywood in the 1950's. As if "Vacation in Rome" had its sequel in Lake Como. Perfect opportunity to get some beautiful shots of the two of them and give that romantic touch so characteristic of our wedding videos.

And although Bellagio is the most famous village in the area, any of them offers a beautiful setting for photographing and filming the bride and groom. With its picturesque, narrow, cobbled streets, steep stairways, and charming little shops and restaurants, Lake Como has more than earned its place on the podium of Italy's best wedding locations. It will always be one of our favorites, but the country also offers incredible opportunities for video weddings in Puglia, Tuscany, the Almafitana coast, Sardinia, and Rome itself. The list is endless!

Before arriving at the Villa Monastero Pax, the palace where the banquet was to be held, there was a very funny moment. The boat of the bride and groom passed at full speed next to the boat of the guests and they all started to greet each other from one boat to the other and to "pull" the bride and groom. Cool things you can do in Lake Como.

Once at the villa Monastero Pax, in the town of Leno, the guests enjoyed in its gardens a quiet and pleasant cocktail overlooking the lake. It is, without doubt, a very special place to celebrate a wedding and the guests did not cease to marvel at the beautiful architecture of this beautiful palace built in the eighteenth century. From the entrance through a majestic staircase to its imposing facades.

At the banquet, there was no lack of good Italian cuisine and good wine, as befits every wedding in a luxury villa in Lago de Como. The wedding ended with the liveliest party we've ever seen and with everyone drenched in sweat. As we always say, you can't ask for more, elegance by day and a touch of madness at nightfall. Those are the weddings we like. Long live Italy! And long live wedding videos in Lago de Como!

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