Seun and Jonathan celebrated their wedding in a luxury finca in Mallorca. The Finca is situated between Alcudia and Pollença. It is an incredible place to celebrate a destination wedding in the Mediterranean. Its views of the sea and the mountains are breathtaking. And, its architecture and decoration, are perfect for not losing the style and glamour while you are on holiday. In short, it offers a perfect experience when it comes to exclusive destination weddings on the Island.

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This American couple fell in love at Harvard University, and to give each other a chance, they chose a beautiful place in sunny Spain: the Balearic Islands. This is an increasingly popular destination among Americans who decide to get married on the Mediterranean coast. Besides the good weather, Mallorca offers delicious Spanish cuisine, miles of coastline and a lot of ancient and historic towns. It's chic and cultural. Without a doubt, getting married on the island is a Hollywood experience. It's like being in one of those movies that Woody Allen loves to shoot in places like Rome, Provence, Tuscany or Barcelona. Everything is so Mediterranean!

The wedding conveyed pure elegance, glamour and exclusivity. The groom and his groomsmen dressed in tuxedos. The bride arriving in a spectacular Rolls Royce. The car, parked in front of the spectacular facade of this luxury villa, completed the cinematographic fantasy. The bride and groom were like two princes in a fairytale wedding.

The ceremony, of Christian rite, was conducted by the priest of the couple's congregation. Like them, he came all the way from the United States to join them in marriage. It was a very moving and beautiful ceremony, with beautiful views of the sea and accompanied by religious songs sung by all the guests. In addition, the bride and groom said their romantic vows to each other, as is the tradition at American weddings.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed the cocktail and tasted delicious Spanish tapas. It was at this time that we did the couple's session together with the photographer from Mallorca, Violet MinnickWithout a doubt, the funniest moment was when we posed them with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, using colorful fumes to create a colorful and moving scene. It was great to give a "hipster" touch to such a luxurious and glamorous wedding. For a moment, it was like being at Coachella, but dressed in a tuxedo!

The wedding feast was a great party. The dinner was enlivened by live music and fire and juggling shows. The guests were amazed. And, of course, the emotion came with the speeches, which spoke of the couple's love story. Finally, the bride and groom did their romantic first dance on the spectacular dance floor set up between the tables. It was a pleasant and beautiful feast. And all with the decorative stamp of Alago EventsThe top wedding planner specializes in luxury weddings in Mallorca.

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