Julia and Jonathan traveled from New York to celebrate a modern, fun, romantic and glamorous wedding in the desert of Palm Springs in California. Considered one of the best places to get married in this city because of its quiet location, Colony 29 was the place chosen by this New York couple to celebrate their wedding in Palm Springs. This luxurious location stands out for its iconic architecture, its desert gardens, and its panoramic views of the valley. For us it has been one of the best experiences, as destination wedding videographers, to travel to California to capture the wedding of this cool couple.
In addition to Colony 29, when you celebrate a wedding in Palm Springs you can choose from the countless superb locations this city has to offer, places as amazing as Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate or Casa Verona. The fact that there is such a wide range of offerings has to do with the fact that many destination weddings take place in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is a wonderful city to work as a destination wedding videographer

We are lucky enough to have worked as wedding videographers in Palm Springs twice already and we are really looking forward to coming back. This city located south of Los Angeles offers an unparalleled setting for a modern wedding in the desert: for its designer architecture, which houses countless landmark homes to admire; for its good weather, ideal for an outdoor wedding; for its frenetic cultural life, as this is where the famous Coachella music festival takes place... And for many reasons this location is perfect for working as a destination wedding videographer.

Something that is essential to capture when you make a wedding video in Colony 29 is, besides its beautiful desert vegetation (where large rock formations, cactus and exotic palms abound), its picturesque scenery reminiscent of a European village, which inevitably transports you to a wedding in Spain, Italy or France.

Colony 29 a perfect property to record a wedding video in Palm Springs

The planning, design and floral decoration of this wedding in the desert of Palm Springs was created by the wedding planner of California, Hello Gem EventsThey made sure that all the details, from the furniture, the flowers, the cocktail stand, the cutlery and the menu design, were in perfect harmony with the modernity of this location, something that gave us a lot of play to use when working as wedding videographers in Palm Springs.

Before the Jewish ceremony and after putting on their wedding dresses (Julia in a beautiful two-piece dress by Rime Arodaky from "The Mews Bridal" and Prada shoes; Jonathan in a Boglioli jacket, Cifonelli tie and Givenchy pants and shoes) the couple saw each other for the first time in an emotional "first look" in front of a beautiful pale pink wall, a color palette ideal for this modern wedding in the desert.

After the "first look", we went with Julia and Jonathan to the part of the desert where the windmills are to make the couple's portraits. This was one of our favorite parts of this modern wedding, to be able to incorporate this characteristic arid nature in a wedding video in Palm Springs. Then, the Jewish ceremony that took place with the San Jacinto Mountains and the Indian Canyons as a backdrop... A super natural environment for an outdoor wedding.

After the ceremony, we were able to capture the details of the banquet whose tables were beautifully decorated by the company Folklore & Signature Party Rentals. A giant tower of champagne served to inaugurate an outdoor cocktail party in which Mr Bartender was preparing delicious cocktails for the guests who enjoyed this more relaxed moment enlivened by the music played by the international dj The Flashdance.

A desert wedding with elegant décor, sunset cocktails and a big party

An elegant and very chic banquet opened with the tea ceremony, so popular in traditional Chinese weddings. After a spectacular dance by the bride and groom, friends and family jumped on the dance floor to continue dancing in a big party that lasted until the moment of the "big exit" of the bride and groom. Here is one of our favorite moments from this wedding video in Palm Springs, where the bride and groom left running Colony 29 through a human corridor of flares.

If we had to repeat in some of the cities we have traveled to as destination wedding videographers, Palm Springs would certainly be one of the first on the list.

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