Celebrating a beachfront wedding in Mallorca is a dream for many couples who decide to get married abroad. If you are planning a destination wedding on the island, seriously consider Son Marroig because it is one of the best estates overlooking the sea in Mallorca, and located in Deià, one of the most beautiful villages in the Tramuntana region. It is not by chance that so many couples decide to get married there and always have a long waiting list. Oh, the Mediterranean Sea! But how many hearts you have already stolen! And not only in the Balearic Islands, but also for weddings in Santorini, the French Riviera or the Almafitana coast.

Do this and you'll have the best wedding video

Nicola and Harry were among the lucky ones who got a date at the coveted Son Marroig estate and certainly didn't waste the occasion. Their big day has everything to be the perfect wedding in Mallorca : a magical place in front of the sea, tons of glamour and a party with live music where the bride and groom didn't stop dancing. And that's why it was a real pleasure to make their wedding video in Mallorca. Thanks to Nicola and Harry and all those couples who give so much of themselves at weddings. Who make a great entrance at the banquet, kiss each other with passion and are so present in every moment. You remember us because being destination wedding videographers is the best job in the world. And we thank you for that gift. We will repay you with the best wedding video!

A gentleman in England, a gentleman in the Mediterranean

Well, let's start this fairy tale from the first page, shall we? His big day started one sunny morning in the beautiful port of Sóller. In a hotel, overlooking the mountainous bay, Harry dressed in a tuxedo with his best friends from England. All the suits were perfectly fitted. The groom, in a white jacket, and the groomsmen, in black. Different but together. A magnificent bet for a wedding in Mallorca with glamour and Mediterranean style. Because black and white never goes out of fashion. Because a gentleman British like Harry is great about getting married in a black-tie black tie. Whether it's a wedding in London's stylish Chelsea district or in the most charming town in Southern Europe.

The real secret to being a Vogue bride

The bride's preparations were also in the municipality of Sóller, but in the mountains. The place chosen for this was Ca S'Hereu, a beautiful rural Mallorcan property where weddings are also organized and rented out as a holiday villa. Country, a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful views of the Tramuntana. That must help the bride to become a little less nervous, don't you think? And, certainly, Nicola shone with her own light. If she was beautiful in her wedding gown, when she put the dress on she was already a Vogue bride level. But beyond her obvious beauty, what we liked most about her was the joy and energy she transmitted at all times. But, above all, her self-confidence, that's the real secret. Shhh!

The guests were paraded along the beautiful winding road that leads to the estate of Son Marroig. A quick stop allows you to look out over the spectacular viewpoint of Sa Foradada, one of the most beautiful places in the Tramuntana. But why stop there like all the other tourists, when you can see it all the time from your own private estate. And that's because Son Marroig is a very top estate because it combines the best views of the sea and the mountains of the island. And that's probably what all the guests thought when they came through the door: "Oh, my God, if I have a beachfront wedding in Mallorca, this is the place!

They're Marroig, mountains, sea views... And there's more!

In addition to the best location on the island, Son Marroig has another ace up its sleeve. It offers the unique experience of getting married in front of an old white temple in a neo-classical style. It is a beautiful architectural piece and an ideal backdrop for a ceremony. Not to mention how beautiful it looks in the wedding photos and video! Imagine such an iconic place full of elegantly dressed guests, wearing cute white paper parasols and a beautiful couple declaring their eternal love. Well, what do we say, don't imagine it, better watch the wedding video, because that's exactly how Nicola & Harry's wedding was, and all beautifully decorated by the great wedding planners of Mallorca, MomentsOf course, we don't hear any guests complaining about having to travel to this wedding in England.

After the ecstasy of the ceremony, the cocktail provided a little moment of rest, so necessary in every Mediterranean-style wedding, time to chat with friends, taste delicious local food and have a little gin and tonic while contemplating the beautiful views of the sea from the north face of the island.

Cool tickets (and because they are recommended by 9 out of 10 videographers)

It was late and the light "made in" Mallorca was beautiful. The guests sat down, ready to receive the bride and groom at the banquet. And the grand entrance of the newlyweds was ten out of ten. Nicola and Harry came running in, jumping up and down with their arms in the air. Pure happiness. And the guests stood up, waving their napkins in the air and shouting. A moment set by a live saxophonist, who made everyone dance at the top of their lungs. So you know couples, we want more cool entrances, which you can see how cool they are later in the wedding video.

It was an open-air dinner, on one of those wonderfully warm nights on the island and under a hanging light bulb that created the perfect atmosphere. Everything was exquisitely decorated, with a style that was somewhere between chic and rustic. And so the dishes arrived, the wine glasses went down and the speeches left everyone excited. And there was still one more surprise...

Wedding or festival?

A band came especially from London to give a live concert at the wedding. Really! That's how luxury weddings are in Mallorca, everything is in a big way. And it was getting on stage, and the wedding stopped being a wedding and became a whole festival. Everyone dancing non-stop to the rhythm of the live music. Hey, and what a flow they had all the guests! The concert ended with the bride and groom getting on stage and jumping under a shower of golden confetti. What a great time. And of course we didn't hear anyone complaining. It had certainly been worth travelling from all over the world to this destination wedding on the island.

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