Claudia and Jordan celebrated an urban wedding in one of the most original places we have ever recorded: a parking lot. 1111 Lincoln Garage is a modern architectural parking garage designed by architects Herzog and De Meuron and located in Miami Beach. Without a doubt, celebrating a wedding in a parking lot is something super original and rare so, as wedding videographers in Miami, we knew from the beginning that it would be the perfect place to make an original and creative wedding video.

The bride and groom chose to celebrate their Jewish wedding at 1111 Lincoln Garage for many reasons. Not only because of its originality and charm or because you can see their house from it. The main reason was that it symbolized a great chuppah. The chuppah, according to Jewish tradition, symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. It is the altar on which the bride and groom are married, with the 4 walls open and supported by 4 pillars. Well, this design car park symbolized a big chuppah where not only the bride and groom but also all their family and friends could fit.

Celebrating a wedding in a parking lot is very original

The truth is that every time we travel to Miami, each wedding is more original than the last, and that's to blame The Creative's Loftthe top wedding planner in Miami. The Creative's Loft was in charge of organizing this spectacular urban, night and glamorous wedding in a parking lot in Miami Beach.

The decoration of this wedding in Miami was impressive, there was no corner that did not have detail. They turned an industrial space into a giant luxury bar. With its lounges, sofas, cocktail bar, sushi stand, tropical vegetation, infinite tables with a view of the city of Miami... And, as if that wasn't enough, a great stage, from which live bands like Sol and The Tribu came out to play, and from which the ceremony took place.

As wedding videographers, it was a priority for us to capture each of the spaces that gave character and personality to this urban wedding and that transformed a garage into the coolest place in Miami Beach for one night.

Claudia and Jordan got dressed at The Confidante, one of the most original hotels on Miami Beach, and from there we moved to Lincoln Road. Like many American weddings, the bride and groom chose to do a first look, so we were able to do some portraits with them, taking advantage of all the decoration of the empty garage, before the guests arrived.

Miami Beach the ideal place to celebrate an urban and nightly wedding

A pre-cocktail still with daylight in which the guests were arriving and they were admiring the decoration and the so original views of this wedding in Miami. Many could not believe they were attending a wedding in a parking lot. The ceremony began at sunset. The bride and groom made their grand entrance to the ceremony accompanied by their parents. They looked like two movie stars climbing onto the impressive stage that presided over the big space.

After the votes, the I do and Mazel Tov! The night opened, and with it, the fun. Toasts with champagne, guests passing by the different food stands, others opening the cocktail bar while contemplating the beautiful views, pleasant conversations on the sofas, a music group playing salsa, parents and children dancing on the floor, a live cooking show... Without a doubt the night made the place even more magical, creating the perfect atmosphere for this urban wedding in Miami Beach.

In this parking lot, you look like you're at a rooftop wedding in New York City

As wedding videographers, what we like best about Miami is that it offers numerous super cools locations to celebrate an urban wedding. For example, having a wedding on the rooftop of the Epic Hotel, which looks like you're having a wedding on a rooftop in New York, or a wedding at ACE Prop House + Studio, which looks like you're in a factory building in London.

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