Marta and Alex celebrated their beautiful wedding in the Ben Viure Castle. This castle is located just half an hour from the city of Barcelona, so it is ideal for all those couples from the Catalan capital who want to celebrate their wedding near the city or for the many international couples who celebrate their destination wedding in Catalonia. We don't love working as wedding videographers in Barcelona and it's wonderful when we have the opportunity to do a wedding at Castell de Ben Viure.

What we most like about filming a wedding in the Castell de Ben Viure is the amount of possibilities that its spaces have, whether it's the exterior and gardens, where you can always have the magnificent pink castle in the background; or its wonderful and unique interior rooms. Therefore, it's normal that it attracts many couples who want to celebrate a modern wedding in the Castell de Ben Viure. As wedding videographers in Barcelona, it's great to have such a different location but so close to the city, since you can create a modern wedding video when you film a wedding in the Castell de Ben Viure.

A Castell next to the city, the ideal place to celebrate a wedding in Barcelona

This Spanish-German couple chose this place to celebrate their destination wedding, with guests coming from all over the world to enjoy an outdoor wedding. On March 21st, probably the best known wedding caterer in Barcelona, was in charge not only of the food but also of the beautiful decoration of the different spaces that were used for this wedding in the Castell de Ben Viure.

The ceremony was held in the garden with the castle in the background and behind it, a super cocktail. If someone asks us what our favourite moment of the wedding is, we would say that it is this, a cocktail at sunset with live music and people dancing, especially the bride and groom. It is a great moment to capture and even more so when you make a wedding video in the Castell de Ben Viure, as the surrounding environment is beautiful.

Before the banquet we took the opportunity to record the details of the beautiful tables that the caterer 21 de Marzo had decorated so beautifully... It is super important for us, when working as wedding videographers in Barcelona or wherever, to have these details captured for the wedding video.

Romantic ceremony and party with mechanical bull, the perfect wedding in the Castell de Ben Viure

After the super lively aperitif, a banquet that started strong with a spectacular bride and groom entrance on the outside of the Castell facade. The banquet was buffet-style, with different food stations around the tables, so people got up and chose what they wanted to eat. The food provided by the Barcelona 21 de Marzo catering was spectacular.

The bride and groom opened the "disco" by going out to the main balcony of the Castell, from which with coloured fumes they invited their guests to join the party upstairs in one of the halls. Another thing that we find wonderful about celebrating a wedding at the Castell de Ben Viure is how well the interior spaces are integrated. Because the party, despite being indoors, seemed to be outdoors, as the walls are totally open with large windows.

While people were dancing upstairs, downstairs they were riding on a mechanical bull, a moment that was super fun for all the guests but also for us, as wedding videographers, to be able to incorporate this crazier part into the wedding video at the Castell de Ben Viure.

Working as wedding videographers in Barcelona we love

You know how much we like to travel to make destination weddings anywhere in the world but making a wedding video in Bacelona is still one of the destinations we like the most. It will be because we are neighbours or because every time we go to record a wedding in Bacelona we get to know new places that are super refreshing, just like when we do weddings in Girona or Tarragona.

It is curious that being so close to the Balearic Islands, sometimes it seems so different from filming a wedding in Mallorca, a wedding in Ibiza or a wedding in Formentera. In this sense, we would also love to do a wedding in La Estación in Segovia, as the industrial wedding scene there is very different from these Mediterranean weddings.

Another place where we would love to make a wedding video in Bacelona is at the Mas d'en Cabre Masia L'Avellana and at the Castell de Tamarit.

After seeing this wedding at the Castell de Ben Viure you will surely have been looking forward to seeing more fun weddings like this one, we leave you here other weddings with a lot of fun like the wedding of Marlies & Connor in Miami Beach or the Sandra & Hori in Madrid.