Mallorca is one of the best places to get married in the Mediterranean. That's no secret. But did you know that the island has an old fortress in the same bay as Palma where you can celebrate your wedding? And that it's an incredibly beautiful place, full of history and with the best views of the city? Well, it's true, it's called Cap Rocat. In this post we're going to talk to you about why celebrating your wedding in an old fortress is really, really worth it. And about why, as wedding videographers in Mallorca, we never get tired of coming back to this magical place.

Ten Arab sheiks like this

Cap Rocat is an old fortress that was built in the 19th century to guard the bay of Palma. And now, converted into a luxury hotel, but conserving its original architecture, it is a dream place to celebrate your destination wedding in Mallorca.

In this gigantic fortified palace, the bride and groom feel like real Arabian sheiks, and the guests are grateful that they have accepted the invitation to this eccentric wedding abroad. As soon as you cross the door of its impressive main façade, you enter another world, another time. Sight and sense are lost as you walk between its gigantic vertical walls of "marés" on your way to the ceremony. Cap Rocat is so exotic, that for a moment you think... "Are you sure I'm not in Morocco or in a place in the Far East? What a drag!" Hey, after all, it wasn't such a bad idea to have a wedding in an old Mediterranean fortress, was it? Long live eccentricity and original weddings!

Well, now it's easy to understand why Katerina and Alex decided to come all the way from Los Angeles to get married in Cap Rocat, right? And of course, they had the perfect wedding in Mallorca. The complete experience of getting married in the Mediterranean, from an incredible location overlooking the sea, to the good weather and the delicious local food. But let's take it one step at a time.

The Mediterranean, just for you

The day started with the bride and groom dressing up in different rooms of the hotel. And the rooms of Cap Rocat are already a real experience. The groom's room, located at an elevated point, and accessed by a long and impressive private staircase. From up there, you can enjoy the views of the impressive architecture of the interior of the old Cap Rocat fortress. And the bride's room, in a house located at the edge of the sea, on a private plot, which isolates her from the rest of the rooms. In other words, dressing up as a bride with exclusive views of the Mediterranean. It's priceless. Well, yes, but you know that "for everything else... Mastercard". And that's how Alex got his elegant tuxedo and Katerina, in her beautiful dress, in the best possible environment to start the day relaxed and accompanied by her most intimate surroundings.

A film meeting

Following the American tradition, they performed a "First Look", that magical ritual that consists of meeting alone for the first time, only accompanied by their wedding photographers and videographers to capture that special moment, in which the groom can finally see his bride-to-be dressed. And the emotion is always brutal. A super cinematic and romantic encounter that we love to include in our wedding videos. We feel so privileged to be able to witness such beautiful moments and capture them with our cameras. First looks are a great option, both for American couples, who are more accustomed, and for others who are not, but who want a different, non-traditional and alternative wedding.

Katerina and Alex were married in a civil ceremony and in the open air, as is usual in Mediterranean-style weddings. The venue was none other than the terrace of this old fortress, which offers incredible views of the bay of Palma. And, after their emotional and happy union in marriage, the wedding continued with a cocktail on another part of the terrace. Enjoying the sunset, while drinking a gin and tonic with views of the sea. Not a bad plan, right? The ideal moment to catch up with the rest of the guests and loved ones, who came from different parts of the United States to this destination wedding in Mallorca.

The background that cannot be missing from your Mediterranean wedding

At the end of the cocktail, we escape for a while with the bride and groom to do their wedding session. And the great thing about the old fortress of Cap Rocat is that from the hotel itself, you can access the beach area. And on top of that, they take you there in a golf cart! It is an ideal place to do the couples' poses with the sun setting over the sea in the background. And who wouldn't want that in the photos and video of their destination wedding in the Mediterranean? You have to take advantage of the sea, whether in Mallorca or in a wedding in Santorini, Malta or Positano.

How to dine in the 19th century (without a time machine)

The banquet was held in the main courtyard, located in the heart of this ancient fortress. A unique experience. Between ancient walls, far from the bustle of the city and under the only light of the candles, one forgets that we live in modern and complicated times. We move to a simpler time, without smartphones or television, where the nights were for drinking wine, having endless conversations with your loved ones and contemplating the stars. And that's how Mediterranean-style weddings should be, enjoying the open air at night and feeling the refreshing sea breeze on your face.

Ending your wedding in a war bunker (for a good reason)

After dinner, the guests moved to the party site through a beautiful walled corridor, lit by torches. We love filming that walk, with the guests dressed up, chatting and drinking champagne, it's a scene like an exit from an Armani perfume commercial. With that elegant and glamorous style typical of luxury weddings in Mallorca. At the end of the corridor, the guests cross a door and enter the Cap Rocat bunker. That's right, the night ends with a party in an old war bunker. Isn't that the most perfect thing for a wedding in an old fortress? Of course, this bunker is here to celebrate love and not war.

Well, I think we have given you plenty of reasons to get married in the old fortress of Cap Rocat, a magical place for elegant weddings in the Mediterranean. Of course, we love to shoot wedding videos in old fortresses, forts and castles in Europe. It is one of the advantages of being destination wedding videographers, that besides Spain, we visit incredible wedding destinations in Italy, France, Greece and Croatia. And, your wedding, where is it? Tell us in our contact.