The love story of Sara and Pedro's wedding in Sitges is magical and we were clear that their wedding film had to reflect this. They had been talking on Skype for eleven months but had never seen each other in person. They decided to meet in Miami and something incredible happened: "He asked me the same day we met for the first time, 21st May 2016. It was midnight and we were returning to the hotel on Lincoln Road, with our Big Macs in our hands. He knelt down, asked me and I said yes" Could there be a more romantic story than Sara & Pedro's?

Sara and Pedro contacted us from Montevideo when we were on a month-long trip to Vietnam, so at first we could only connect via email. In their first message they told us very little, that they were a Barcelona and a Madrid resident and that they were getting married on the last weekend of September, the only weekend we had free for the whole summer, so we immediately thought it was fate. We could not imagine the wonderful people behind these words, nor the care and detail with which they were organizing their wedding. When we returned to Mallorca we managed to talk to them on the phone, which was difficult due to the time difference and their jobs, and there the connection was absolute. We loved their voice and their way of expressing themselves, which is normal, coming from two journalists. We fell in love with the natural way they talked about the party, how involved they both seemed and the fun ideas they had for that day. We transmitted

Although we had seen each other via Skype we finally met in person on "B" day at Sara's mother's house, where we were invited to have breakfast with them, surrounded by their dog Kylo, their grandparents, cousins... From there we went together to the civil ceremony they celebrated in Barcelona, where we documented the walk to the Eixample town hall, walking through the beautiful and romantic streets of the Catalan capital's centre. From Barcelona to Sitges, passing by the Meliá Sitges hotel and then to the Casa del Mar, where the rest of the celebration took place. You may have seen it in the wedding film but we have to say that the bride and groom were super "cool", Pedro in a white suit, black bow tie, suspenders and socks decorated with dachshund and elegant shoes. Sara, dazzling, in a rhinestone dress, bare back and eighties shoulder pads. We did a "first look". Both of them wanted to see each other for the first time alone before the ceremony, with the only presence of the cameras (and their

Welcome cocktail waiting for the clouds to go away, beginning of the ceremony with the water still falling but with the hope and illusion that they would leave, and only at the right moment, they left. Sara began to walk towards the altar with an umbrella and arrived at the end without it. The clouds gave way to a unique symbolic ceremony, where an unbeatable decoration of the hand of March 21st created the ideal environment to tell her story. And laughter, and tears, and words and songs, and kisses and hugs and rings and petals. And with a blue flash almost under the light of the stars, we took the bride and groom to the most romantic and passionate moment of the day. After the cocktail, Sara and Pedro entered the banquet with a 10 minute mixtape prepared where everyone joined in dancing with them and, in this way, the party was inaugurated.

For us, Sara and Pedro's wedding video is romance and sweetness, it is love and passion, it is adventure and mystery, it is energy and strength... because all those adjectives are what they and their relationship with the world are to us.