When you are recording a wedding video and your feet start to move and you even feel like leaving the camera and joining the party... it's just that they have put on a good show. We are still excited to have been part of that wonderful August 13th in Son Berga, Mallorca. A Jewish wedding where more than 100 people came together to celebrate life, friendship and love by dancing.

It was the first time that we had the opportunity to record a Jewish wedding, so as soon as Tamrah and Tarikh called us from England to tell us that they were going to celebrate their wedding here in Mallorca and they wanted us to make the wedding film, we jumped for joy. Because we love getting to know other traditions, other cultures and other ways of celebrating this holiday, because we love challenges and new and different things, because we loved them and the enthusiasm they had in taking care of these details and, why not say it, because we know that Jewish weddings are a good party and we wanted to capture all this energy, joy and emotion in a wedding video. And we can tell you one thing, it totally exceeded expectations.

Tamrah and Tarkih chose the Son Berga estate in Alaró. Personally this finca is very cool, it has many beautiful corners, mountain views and it is full of flowers, which allows us to have some nice and varied backgrounds for the video. For us, what most characterized the wedding is that it was an in crescendo. It began in the most calm and relaxed way, with the bride and groom dressing each one by their side and surrounded by their "bridesmaids" and "groomsmen", well, in the case of the groom, a real entourage, nothing more and nothing less than 15! Afterwards, a cocktail party in the gardens and some beautiful posters showing the guests the way to the place of the ceremony. The ceremony was solemn, sumptuous, marked by the elegance of the bride and groom and guests. A long and majestic entrance of Tamrah emphasized the most official and protocolary part of the wedding. After the vows of the bride and groom, Tarikh's stomp on the glass and a loud cry "Mazel Tov!" in unison brought this first part to a close.

From here a non-stop, with a great stage strategically placed in front of the house's patio and with its back to the immense mountains, a 5 hour banquet was inaugurated where the impressive group Fire & Ice did not stop giving us moments. The bride and groom entered the already opened dance floor where the traditional Hebrew dances began, with dances in circles and processions, accompanied by a perfect soundtrack. No doubt this was the moment of the Jewish wedding that most moved us, it was like witnessing a dramatized work of art, where each one, fathers, mothers, brothers, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend had a very clear role to play and they did it perfectly. It was a real luxury to witness this performance, to be able to capture this choreography and to be able to reflect it in their wedding film.

The party did not stop, the group closed the evening and opened the night, accompanied the three courses and led the kisses and hugs, the laughter and tears, the toasts and congratulations, the greetings and goodbyes, and the wedding felt eternal. This journey was beautifully orchestrated by the Alago Events team.